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Fireboy Extinguishing Systems
These systems are USCG and FM approved for both industrial and marine use. Accepted worldwide, Heptafluoropropane is sold under proprietary brand names; FE227 by Dupont Chemical Co., and FM200 by Great Lakes Chemical. HFC-227 is best used in areas that are normally occupied and most marine applications.

PLEASE REFER TO PDF document to determine the system and accessories that are right for you.

Applications where FE-227™ is an excellent choice for a total flood fire suppression
system also include:
• chemical/flammable storage areas
• protection of high value assets
• electrical rooms
• telecommunication switch stations
• film storage rooms
• computer rooms
• petrochemical facilities
• pleasure craft engine compartments
• chemical storage rooms
• paint lockers

Available microswitch accessories (Diesal Engine Shut Down) allow you to, as an example, automatically shut off a fan when the system is activated.

The following standards were used by Factory Mutual for the examination and evaluation of the equipment:
• National Fire Protection Association, 2001, Standard on Clean Agent FIre Extinguishing Systems
• ANSI/UL1058 Standard for Safety, Halogenated Extinguishing System Units
• DOT, US Coast Guard, 46CFR, Part 162, Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems or Pleasure Craft and Other Uninspected Vessels(January 9, 1991)


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